About us

Janine Reynolds is The LifeStyle Creator.   

“You cannot take credit for something without first taking responsibility for it”.

The LifeStyle Creator is a Success and Property Coaching and Consulting Business based in Brisbane. It’s aimed at those interested in having a Property Coach with a strong background in Business and proven results in Property Investing with a multimillion dollar property portfolio.

You will find working with Janine or Karin, that you will overcome limiting beliefs, set yourself targets and goals to achieve your desired outcome and have access to all Beyond Success materials and programs.

Together we work on changing your mindset and limiting beliefs so you can be present to all the opportunities available.  Most of all, you will be taking action and Janine or Karin will keep you on track and accountable.

Janine – always knew that she wanted to control her own destiny and make something of herself.  If it wasn’t going to be playing for the Socceroos it was going to be working hard at a business of her own.

Janine took over a café in Rockhampton at the tender age of 16, employed two staff and invested 80 hours a week in her new enterprise.  After building up a loyal clientele Janine sold the business at the ripe old age of 21, and started looking for a new challenge.

She  worked for 5 years as the Manager of Go Gas, Stones Corner and Mobil Greenslopes before doing her time at Australia Post for 11 years.

Then real estate beckoned and she worked for two different companies looking for an agency that shared her work ethic, integrity, flexibility and passion for customer service. Janine was offered the role as the Manager of Cooke’s Property Team and she took it on board with passion and the same vibrant energy she throws at everything she does and results quickly flourished.

Janine loves to help people achieve the dream of owning their own home because purpose and passion are her two highest values.

When Janine’s partner of 14 years was diagnosed with cancer Janine realised there had to be a better way. Looking for what was holding her back Janine meet a man who was about to change her destiny yet again, and she signed up to become a success coach.

Janine bought her first home in 1995 and along with Karin bought the another in 2001. In the last 14 years Janine and Karin have bought 15 properties, sold six, renovated eight, built a new home, relocated one from Norman Park to Laidley and has a portfolio of nine positively geared investment properties and a Joint Venture on three other properties not including the home they live in.

Now having qualified as a success coach and loving the fact they can officially help people, Janine has yet again built two successful businesses – The LifeStyle Creator and Beyond Sales Real Estate with Karin very close behind the scene.

The LifeStyle Creator was formed because that’s what Janine and Karin believe, they can help you do what they did. Help you to create and re-design the life you really want, the life you deserve. Maybe the life you have only ever dreamed about. “The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live”.

Do you recognise that you could benefit from having a property investor who happens to be a Success and LifeStyle Coach, as your Coach?

Janine’s mission in life is to live each day with Gratitude, Purpose, Passion and Patience..

Janine and Karin have a genuine love of helping people. Their passion is to educate people around property transactions and give people the opportunity to purchase their own home and build financial wealth and abundance through property.  If every person in the world was completely happy with their lives and existence what an absolutely awesome place we would we have on this earth.

Janine is a Qualified Success Coach through Beyond Success, Director at The LifeStyle Creator http://www.thelifestylecreator.com.au and Beyond Sales Pty Ltd, http://www.beyondsales.com.au, volunteer for her local meals on wheels, supporter of Jerendine family support http://www.arafmiqld.org/?page=85, Kym Walter’s Choices http://www.mycause.com.au/mycause/raise_money/charity.php?id=309, and ACCV Australian Children’s Charity Vietnam. http://accv-alison.blogspot.com/

If you think that Janine or Karin may be able to help you achieve your goals and desires  you are 100% correct.

Why wait to change your life?   Call and talk with Janine 0or Karin today on 0422038013 or email them at info@thelifestylecreator.com.au